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  • Re: Need some advice on retirement plans for the self-employed
    Welcome and congratulations!   There's an overwhelming amount of options for sure!How quick do you want to pace these changes in?  The biggest recommendation I have right now is increase your wife's contributions WAY up for November/December and help ...... Read more »
  • Re: Fun with VIX options
    Quote from: tsukuba on October 15, 2017, 08:43:48 PMIs this 10% enough?  This means you would need near to 10 wins like this to break even with one wipeout in the case the VIX gets active. I'm noticing these contract prices f...... Read more »
  • Re: What is your net worth percentile for your age?
    98.12%!!  I want to know who those jerks are head of me... Read more »
  • The house is cold. What should I bake today?
    It's 62 degrees in the house and our furnace is turned off.  I forget why, but I'm disinclined to call husband at work to ask, and even more disinclined to go to the crawl space to turn it on.However it is chilly enough that I should probably warm the...... Read more »
  • Re: Vanguard Taxable accounts
    Fidelity also has a commission free program with ITOT.To the original poster, I'd recommend opening an account with Vanguard once you get the $3,000 for VTMAX, then it'll automatically convert to VTSAX once you reach $10,000.  Keep it simple... Read more »

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  • Daily FI discussion thread - October 17, 2017
    Please use this thread to have discussions which you don't feel warrant a new post to the sub. While the Rules for posting questions on the basics of personal finance/investing topics are relaxed a little bit here, the rules against memes/spam/self-promotion/excessive rudeness/politics still apply! Have a look at the FAQ... Read more »
  • Talk me out of paying my house off early
    I recently capitalized on a windfall that could allow me to pay off my house early, and that's the choice I'm leaning towards. Background: I'm a lower 30's US software engineer in a very LCOL area making about 70-80k/year, and my wife just started making money too, so >100k total.... Read more »
  • Financial independence after graduation
    What are some of the quickest ways to reach financial independence immediately after graduating college? Aggressive investments in stock market and cryptocurrency? Selling your startup company you developed during college? Online wholesale business? What are some of the best recommendations you can give to a college student who wants to... Read more »
  • Future Asset Allocation planning
    I am currently sitting at about 3% bonds at 28 years old. Using future contributions I am trying to get that number to 5-10% in the next 3-5 years, early 30's. What is everyones future path look like and what are they comfortable with? I am thinking of the following... Read more »
  • RE With Part-time Business
    I'm currently working full-time and also running a small internet business on the side. I find running this business far more fulfilling than the 9-5 corporate grind. I spend 2-3 hours/day on it and it is currently bringing in 10K/year. I read the minimum retirement figure here is 300K with... Read more »

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  • mp3045 | JD Roth | Get Rich Slowly | Breaking News | Full Circle
    Today we discuss JD Roth's backstory behind his financial journey, Get Rich Slowly and Money Boss, plus JD's philosophy AND a very special announcement... In Today’s Podcast we cover: A discussion with JD Roth from Money Boss and Get Rich Slowly How JD impacted Brad’s life and put him on... Read more »
  • mp3044R | The One Way Ticket
    Today we discuss our takeaways from Episode 44 with Brandon Pearce from Pearce on Earth plus feedback from the community and our thoughts on international travel with our families. In Today’s Podcast we cover: A discussion of Episode 44 with Brandon Pearce from Pearce on Earth Jonathan’s frugal win of... Read more »
  • mp3044 | Brandon Pearce | Into the Wind
    Today we discuss how Brandon Pearce went from a call center job to being a full time entrepreneur, traveling the world with his wife and children and how he started the Family Adventure Summit. In Today’s Podcast we cover: Episode 44 with Brandon Pearce, who was recommended to us by... Read more »
  • mp3043R | Mega Backdoor Roth | Should I Ever Consider Using the Roth?
    In this podcast we discuss our takeaways from Episode 43 with Fritz from the Retirement Manifesto plus an in-depth discussion of the Roth IRA conversion and Mega Backdoor Roth, and taxable income scenarios for retirement contributions.  In Today’s Podcast we cover: Our big takeaways from Episode 43 with Fritz from... Read more »
  • mp3043 | Drawdown Strategy | The Retirement Manifesto
    In this podcast we have a far-ranging conversation with Fritz from the Retirement Manifesto about retirement drawdown strategies, his 'buckets' system, and his upcoming retirement. In Today’s Podcast we cover: Retirement drawdown strategies with Fritz from Retirement Manifesto How Fritz focuses on what life is about after retirement such as... Read more »

    Mr. Money Mustache

  • Electric Car vs. Winter
    Just a few days ago, I got a surprise in the mail. It was a very expensive registration renewal bill* from Boulder County, reminding me that my brand-new 2016 Nissan Leaf was already a whole year old. The car has now been through the full cycle of Colorado’s interesting driving... Read more »
  • Seek Not to Be Entertained
    I was enjoying a walk downtown with my son recently, when I noticed something wasn’t quite right. A man was emerging from the background of other pedestrians, trying to make eye contact. We kept walking. “Excuse Me! Gentlemen! How much are you paying for your Cable TV right now?” I could... Read more »
  • From Zero to Wealthy in Two Years – With AirBnb?
    By this point you probably know all you ever wanted to know, and more, about Mr. Money Mustache’s long-ago path to early retirement. But my story is only one of an infinite number of possibilities, which means it is valuable to look around at how other people are doing it.... Read more »
  • Introducing The MMM World Headquarters Building
    Almost exactly six years ago, I wrote a simple post about a pawn shop opening up in my town. It was during the very early days of this blog, and I figured it was an easy way to take some shots at that financially predatory industry. Also, the shop was... Read more »
  • Great News: There’s Another Recession Coming
    If you’ve been keeping an eye on the US economy in recent years, you might notice that things are looking pretty darned rosy. Unemployment is at its lowest level in 40 years, wages are rising, and house prices have not only recovered from their fiery crash of 2009 – they have... Read more »

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  • The game show problem
    Here’s a notorious example of dealing with the unseen that other people see. “You are at a game show. There are three doors. One door hides a car and two doors each hide a goat(*). Presumably you want the car. The game show host as you to pick one door... Read more »
  • Which morals are most useful for personal finance?
    There are, as far as I know, two sets of morals which have dominated thought for the past century. Postmodernistic interpersonal value acceptance. Basically, the widely spread “I’m okay, you’re okay” approach to interpersonal acceptance. Followers believe that it is impossible to establish an optimal best set of ethics. Moral... Read more »
  • The rise and decline of the American middle class
    The article, The Coming Fury of an Angry America (via @mymoneyshrugged), explains the predicament of the middle class very well. This further strengthens my resolve not to join the middle class. In my opinion, the middle class has as its fundamental core problem the issue of willingly becoming a single... Read more »
  • What’s the difference between a frog and a modern human?
    A frog is unable to regulate its internal temperature. It is what we call cold-blooded. If it gets too cold, it must seek refuge in the mud at the bottom. It is also unable to regulate its evaporation, hence it can never go far from a pond lest it dry... Read more »
  • Preliminaries to retiring in 5 years
    I usually start my “program” with a relocation closer to work and shopping. This allows one to shed at least one car. The rest is just variations and polishing that theme. Extreme early retirement can thus be reached through a frugal antisuburan lifestyle without car dependence, hour long commutes, and... Read more »

    The Wealthy Accountant

  • Class Action Lawsuit Database
    Don’t be alarmed, but The Wealthy Accountant is involved in a class action lawsuit. Mrs. Accountant and I were also dragged into the mess and we couldn’t be happier. Class action lawsuits are everywhere as major corporations find increasingly clever ways to strip hard-earned money from your hide. Enterprising shysters,... Read more »
  • How a Broke Farmer Became a Millionaire
    1978: It was hot and dry the summer of 1978 in northeast Wisconsin and I hated it. My fourteenth birthday was around the corner and I was recently out of the hospital from heart surgery. The doctor said I needed to sit still as I healed over the next six... Read more »
  • Tradelines: The $1,000 an Hour Side Gig
    Remember all those credit cards you acquired to earn out those bonuses and eventually canceled? You’re going to wish you hadn’t done that. Credit cards are one of the most powerful wealthy building tools in existence today when used properly. They get a bad rap because irresponsible people rack up... Read more »
  • Dangerous Bloggers
    Who is the most dangerous blogger on the internet today? This is a serious question. Think about it for a while. What characteristics would cause a blogger to become dangerous? To start, the blogger would need an audience to be dangerous. A blog with a modest, but fast growing, audience... Read more »
  • The Indispensable Man
    My last post on questions wealthy people ask their accountant struck an unexpected cord. It also uncovered a serious problem that has plagued this blog since the beginning. The majority of bloggers come from one of two camps: they write a blog while in retirement or write while working for... Read more »

    Mad Fientist

  • mp3Michael Kitces – The 4% Rule and Financial Planning for Early Retirement
    Retirement researcher and financial planner, Michael Kitces, joins me to discuss safe withdrawal rates and how to effectively plan for early retirement! Read more → The post Michael Kitces – The 4% Rule and Financial Planning for Early Retirement appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »
  • Valuable Lessons from My First Year of Freedom
    It's been exactly one year since I left my full-time job and here are the most important lessons I've learned during my first year of early retirement! Read more → The post Valuable Lessons from My First Year of Freedom appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »
  • mp3The Happy Philosopher – Semiretirement and Finding Happiness
    The Happy Philosopher joins me on the podcast to discuss semiretirement, job sharing, happiness, and the challenges doctors face during their pursuit of FI! Read more → The post The Happy Philosopher – Semiretirement and Finding Happiness appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »
  • The Complete History of the Mad Fientist
    Check out the full story of the Mad Fientist and learn about all the financial discoveries, experiments, and optimizations that have occurred in the lab! Read more → The post The Complete History of the Mad Fientist appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »
  • mp3Mr. Money Mustache – Early Retirement Made Easy
    Mr. Money Mustache shares his financial independence and early retirement secrets in an interview for the Financial Independence Podcast! Read more → The post Mr. Money Mustache – Early Retirement Made Easy appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »

    Millennial Revolution

  • Chautauqua Ecuador: The Super-Villainy Continues…
    Coming back from the Galapagos, it seemed that very little could top the sheer epicness of swimming with sharks, lounging on the beach with sea lions, and eating lunch with 150-year-old turtles. But of course Chautuaqua managed to, once again, quickly blow past my expectations–and the week has barely even... Read more »
  • Reader Case: Should I Take a Handout From My Parents?
    Hello from the Galapagos! Where, apparently, I found it’s possible to get recognized by a reader in an island in the middle of nowhere, while waiting for boat, at 6 AM in the morning?! Mind blown. Now, before we fly off to Quito to speak at Chautauqua Ecuador, I’m going... Read more »
  • How To Plan Your Nomadic Flights
    This week we’re going to take a break from the Investment Workshop since our bi-weekly buy schedule has drifted a bit from our target of the 15th of each month, so we’re going to wait to do our regularly scheduled buy next week. And because of the recent interest in... Read more »
  • How To Plan Your Nomadic Life
    “How do you plan your nomadic lifestyle? When do you book flights and accommodations? What about Visas?” Whenever we tell people we live nomadically, people tend to assume we move around all the time, that we are CONSTANTLY on the go. How could we possibly have time to see everything,... Read more »
  • Let’s Go Exploring! Boquete, Panama: Coffee, Hot Springs, Lush Green Forests
    When I think of Boquete, Panama, I think of 3 things: 1) Coffee 2) Hot Springs 3) Lush green forests Now, not being a huge coffee drinker, it never dawned on me, until I visited the place, that Boquete produced some of the best coffee in the world. The lush... Read more »

    Go Curry Cracker!

  • Emergency Funds are Overrated
    An important principle at the heart of successful financial management is “don’t spend more cash than you have on hand.” Cash flow is important. Run out of cash and bad things can happen… banks charge overdraft fees / businesses charge late fees & interest / Uncle Vinny busts your knee caps…... Read more »
  • So You Want to Walk the Camino de Santiago
    GCC – A great way to boost early retirement success rates is to spend a little less in the early years. We did this by traveling in Central America rather than Western Europe, but there are a ton of good value options that are also physically and mentally rewarding. One... Read more »
  • Personal Thoughts on Personal Capital
    Since my college days of living hand to mouth, I’ve tracked every penny I’ve earned and spent. It was a bit necessary if I wanted to have more month than money. At first I used pencil & paper, then a spreadsheet, and eventually Quicken. Years later, after reading Your Money... Read more »
  • Global Family Connections
    I’m from a good sized family, the oldest of 4 children. I have 9 nieces and nephews. Both parents have 5+ siblings. My Grandmother has 16 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren, of which I am her favorite. (Obvi) You can’t pick your family, but I’m fortunate to have been dealt... Read more »
  • Completing the IHG Q2 2017 Accelerate Bonus
    Disclosure: this page contains affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and make a purchase, we will receive an affiliate commission. Recently I mentioned that our upcoming visit to Philadelphia will earn us a few free hotel nights. Several people wrote to ask how that works. Sorry... Read more »

    1500 Days to Freedom

  • Wanna Meet in Dallas?
    So, there is a conference coming up in Dallas for financial media called FinCon. And it’s great! It’s awesome hanging out with over 1,500 (my favorite number) folks who love talking about money as much as I do. And beer. And there is an event for folks who are not... Read more »
  • Guest Post: The Incredible Benefits of Waking at 5am
    Today’s guest post comes from Cubert over at abandoned cubicle. Cubert is a mid 40s cube jockey who plans to be free in 2020 to focus on real estate side projects, blogging, and being “Dad.” He lives in the early retirement mecca of Minneapolis, with his wife and two kids.... Read more »
  • Performance Update (Day 1733): The Root of Competitiveness
    My main goal* was to build an investment and cash portfolio of $1,120,000* in 1500 days**, starting from 1/1/2013 and ending in February of 2017. I made my goal last year and my 1500 Days are over, but in the interest of openness, I’ll continue to share my numbers. Root of Competitiveness Justin from Root of... Read more »
  • Anti Bucket List?
    Anything look different this morning? If you’re reading this on a desktop, you’re seeing the new blog design: When I decided to launch a blog way back at the end of 2012, I pulled my hair out for two months trying to decide on a theme (look and appearance of... Read more »
  • Focus
    I don’t like to stand around doing nothing. This includes: grocery store checkouts: I mitigate this one by using the self-checkout lanes which are always empty amusement parks: No way I’m waiting 60 minutes for a 90 second roller coaster ride. waiting for a sample pour at a beer fest:... Read more »

    Physician on FIRE

  • VideoAn Electrified Fortified Commuting Machine
    My first bicycle was a Schwinn with a banana seat, training wheels, and it may or may not have had tassels dangling from the handlebars. It definitely had playing cards clothes-pinned to the frame in such a way that made a sweet rat-a-tat-tat sound as I tooled around the driveway.... Read more »
  • The Sunday Best (10/15/2017)
    The Sunday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated for your reading pleasure. Expect most of the writing to be from recent weeks and consistent with the themes presented on this website: investing & taxes, financial independence, early retirement, and physician issues.   Presenting, this week’s Sunday Best:  ... Read more »
  • Comparing Independent Contractor Jobs with Employee Jobs: 1099 vs. W2
    Our Saturday Selection for today is a brief Q & A from nearly five years ago. Dr. Jim Dahle fields a question from a radiology fellow exploring future career options. The question comes up fairly often — some jobs are even offered as one or the other — the physician... Read more »
  • Breakfast Burritos & Medical Surveys
    What does a tortilla with eggs, potatoes, cheese (and hopefully some sausage and / or bacon) have to do with filling out medical surveys for money? I mean… other than the fact that a quick $10 or $20 will buy you a bag full of breakfast burritos. That fact is... Read more »
  • 2017 Q3 PoF Portfolio, Spending, and Blog Performance Update
    It’s time for a quarterly update on our investment portfolio, our family’s spending, and blog stats. Another quarter has come and gone, and the overnight freeze warning notification on my new phone is one of many indications that fall has clearly arrived. I’ve been looking forward to this time of... Read more »


    Fiery Millennials

  • Monthly Status Report: September 2017
    I'm typing this from the lush and beautiful Ecuadorian Chautauqua! All this travel has been throwing my schedule of but better late than never I guess… I can't wait to share everything I've learned this week with you! Beun dia! Disclaimer: some links may be affiliate links. They help offset... Read more »
  • The $200 New Car
    I've talked a fair amount in the past about my old car. It was a 2005 Pontiac Vibe. I bought the car for $8,000 cash in 2011 after a deer killed the Neon I was driving. Honestly, it was the best thing to happen to me.  I had the Vibe... Read more »
  • Book Review: Overlap
    This post may include affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer page for more information. When I was younger, I would spend hours upon hours reading books. All sorts of books from YA fiction to biographies to random books like Monopoly strategies (I needed the help- my mom is killer at... Read more »
  • Monthly Status Report: August 2017
    Disclaimer: some links may be affiliate links. They help offset the cost of keeping this blog running! Why do I do a monthly status report? I find it best to do a monthly status report for a few reasons. It helps me evaluate how I did the previous month. Did I hit... Read more »
  • VideoThrashing the Early Retirement Threshold
    I've starting listening to a lot more podcasts and audio books now that I'm driving 5+ hours to see my boyfriend. It's more productive and just about as entertaining as doing car-eoke. (But way easier on my voice!) These podcasts and audio books aren't just for entertainment, though. I wanted... Read more »

    Millennial Boss

  • The Ultimate Airbnb Bucket List (in the United States)
    I’m obsessed with Airbnb. I’m at the point that I will look for an Airbnb first before searching for a hotel. Airbnb can often provide a cheaper, healthier and more local-feel to travel.   My favorite benefits of staying in an Airbnb are as follows: I can choose to book... Read more »
  • 10 Money Goals to Cross Off Your List Before 30
    Here are 10 money goals to achieve before age 30. How many have you crossed off your list?   1.  Stop living 1-2 paychecks in the future This sounds simple but so many people are living 1-2 paychecks in the future. Meaning, they spend on their credit cards and need... Read more »
  • The Dentist
    I have to go to the dentist. It’s been a few months since I went to the doctors so it’s probably an OK time to go. Jim in the cube next to me went to the doctors last week and the dentist this week. He’s probably interviewing for another job.... Read more »
  • Halloween Movies I’ve Streamed this Month (b/c Netflix and chill is FREE)
    Okay maybe Netflix and chill isn’t completely free, but it’s much cheaper than going to bars or out to eat. We’re trying to save our way to financial independence and a $1M net worth (read more about that here), and Netflix and chill nights are a way for us to... Read more »
  • Income Report: How I Made $1,753 Last Month On the Internet
      I admittedly spent three hours or less on Millennial Boss in this last month. Somehow, I still managed to make nearly $1800 dollars. The reason I spent so little time on the site is that I was busy growing my podcast, Fire Drill Podcast. Growing a new site and... Read more »


  • Kibanda Part 3: Running the numbers
    It is a new dawn and… …sunrise at Kibanda After a brutal move (“Well then, we’ll just leave your stuff on the lawn and go”) we have finally taken up residency here at Kibanda. The lake front is as magnificent as we remembered. Unfortunately, owning a house is also as... Read more »
  • Sleeping soundly thru a market crash: The Wasting Asset Retirement Model
    Back in July I found myself up in the far north of Maine looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. I was a guest of one A. Noonan Moose. Mr. Moose owns the beach house with this lovely view where we were guests and it is a far more impressive place... Read more »
  • Stocks — Part XXXI: Too hot. Too cold. Not pure enough.
    I write this blog for my daughter and, by extension, people like her. People who know getting investing right can make a huge, positive difference in their lives but who don’t want to obsess over it. For them I created the Stock Series and the book, The Simple Path to... Read more »
  • Kibanda, Part 2: Negotiating the deal
    Kibanda from the road It is interesting. With a beach house, “front door” and “back door” become meaningless. Guess we’ll have to get used to “lake side” and “road side” Anyway, back to our story. As you recall, Part I ended with… Lying in bed that night I realized, at... Read more »
  • VideoTime Machine and the future returns for stocks
    These days the consensus view, looking out over the next few decades, seems to be we should expect more modest returns from stocks than we’ve enjoyed over the past few. They see factors forming that look to act as a drag on what we might otherwise historically expect. Indeed this... Read more »

    Financial 180

  • Replacing Fear With Flexibility
    As we mentioned back in our very first post, the primary focus of this blog is to help you avoid the financial mistakes we’ve made in the past. And over the years, we’ve made A LOT of mistakes: We purchased our first home in the summer of 2007, at the... Read more »
  • Don’t Fear The “Penalty”!
    Few concepts are as misunderstood in the FIRE community as the (ominous voice) “early withdrawal penalty.” More accurately described as section one of tax code §72(t)*, this is the additional 10% income tax that applies to withdrawals from tax deferred retirement accounts taken before age 59½. As I browse the... Read more »
  • The Milestones of FI
    **Update 7/17: The Milestones of FI is now a featured episode of the ChooseFI podcast! We elaborate on the content of this article, and discuss a few additional milestones as well. Check it out here.** When my wife and I first discovered the financial independence community, we were beyond excited.... Read more »
  • VideoThe Power of FU Money
    I’m writing this post from beautiful St. Simons Island, relaxing in the sun and enjoying a much-needed vacation away from work. A vacation which, interestingly enough, wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t leverage the power of FU money. What is FU money? Well, I’ll let Jim Collins, the author of “The... Read more »
  • We’re on ChooseFI!
    This week, the wife and I were guests on the ChooseFI podcast! Brad and Jonathan had us on the show to discuss our Financial 180, and we had a blast. Listen here! Some highlights: How we went from spending six figures to saving 85% of our income Discussing Financial Independence... Read more »

    Root of Good

  • Enjoying The Alcazar and Jamon Iberico in Seville, Spain
    We're on the road again with installment #4 from our nine week voyage across Europe.  This week we're highlighting our last stop in Spain: Seville!  Quick recap: after visiting Lisbon, Portugal, we flew to Malaga in southern Spain then took a bus to Granada. After Granada, we traveled a few... Read more »
  • Exploring La Alhambra and the Narrow Alleyways of Granada, Spain
    This week we're visiting the third stop on our nine week family vacation in Europe.  After spending two nights in Malaga, Spain, the five of us set out on a two hour bus ride to Granada, Spain. Upon arriving in Granada, we immediately noticed it was very hot but very... Read more »
  • September 2017 Financial Update
    Life is going well for the Root of Good family.  The kids are all back in school and we are settling into our new school-time routine.  Most weekday mornings start with the walk to school to drop off our kindergartner. Then we play tennis, take a walk, go hiking, or... Read more »
  • From the Alcazaba to Sea in Malaga, Spain
    Now that we're back in Raleigh I'm planning on releasing a more regular stream of trip reports from our nine week summer vacation in Europe.  After we spent five nights in Lisbon, Portugal, we took a short turboprop flight to our second destination of Malaga, Spain for a quick two... Read more »
  • August 2017 Financial Update
    Greetings from Raleigh! We are back home after nine weeks in Europe. School is back in session and fall is just around the corner. Our five year old started kindergarten and we are transitioning into empty nesters. At least on weekdays between 8:30 AM and 2:45 PM. Our financials for... Read more »


  • Announcing My Book, “Meet The Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living”
    I wrote a book! In keeping with my theme lately of not burying the lead, I figured I’d just go ahead and get it out there. I’m thrilled to finally share this news because my book has been a long time coming. I started this journey when I was pregnant with Babywoods 1 and... Read more »
  • Reader Suggestions On How To Have A Frugal Halloween
    Welcome to my monthly Reader Suggestions feature! Every month I post a question to our Frugalwoods Facebook group and share the best responses here. The questions are topics I’ve received multiple queries on and my hope is that by leveraging the braintrust of Frugalwoods nation, you’ll find helpful advice and insight. Join the Frugalwoods Facebook group to... Read more »
  • Reader Case Study: Having A Quarter-Life Crisis in Nashville, TN!
    Welcome to this month’s Reader Case Study in which we’ll address Steph’s questions on how to plan for her future in light of her recent quarter-life crisis. Case Studies are financial (and life!) dilemmas that a reader of Frugalwoods sends to me requesting that Frugalwoods nation weigh in. Then, Frugalwoods nation (that’s you!), reads through their... Read more »
  • This Month On The Homestead: Splittin’ Wood, Orderin’ Fuel, Eatin’ Greens
    If you’re just tuning in, this is a recurring series in which I document each month of our lives out here on our 66-acre Vermont homestead. After leaving urban Cambridge, MA in May 2016 to chart this wholly different life, we’re experiencing a constant learning curve of exploration (and plenty of stupid... Read more »
  • A Wood Splitter And Other September 2017 Expenditures
    September 2017 just might go down in Frugalwoods history as our most expensive month. Ever. As fate would have it, a ton of one-time and annual expenses all lined up this month and tallied to an astronomical total. But you know what? It doesn’t matter and we didn’t sweat it. Not... Read more »

    Think Save Retire . com

  • Are early retirees rule followers?
    I am not a rule follower. Then again, I’m not necessarily a rule breaker, either. According to one psych author, I’m what you call a “questioner”. If I don’t feel that a rule applies in my situation, I’ll do what I want and won’t look back. Okay, I say this... Read more »
  • Would you delay early retirement to travel? This couple would!
    Happy Friday, one and all! Today, I have a guest post from a couple who are just a few short years away from early retirement. But instead of charging through to the finish line, they are taking a gap year and delaying retirement. I love their style! Imagine this scenario:... Read more »
  • I’ve come a long way from flying down the highway at 180
    It was about 10:30 at night and I was riding my Yamaha R1 sportbike down an empty stretch of road south of Tucson, AZ. I was alone on the road. I started thinking about speed. Not just about going “fast”, but insane speed. I had to do it. I had... Read more »
  • Don’t brag about success; tell me your failures
    I don’t know about you, but I learn a heck of a lot more from my failures than I do successes. When everything goes right, I learn very little. I learn nothing beyond what happened to go right in that instance. But, what about the next? Here is the difference... Read more »
  • Here is how a financial services company can scam you
    It’s happened to so many of us. We get scammed, and it sucks. Today, I’m throwing at ya a guest post from Josh over at Faith Family Finance who gives us the skinny on how we could be scammed, and what to do about it. When it comes to protecting... Read more »


  • Trust Me, $1 Million is Enough Money to Retire
    The 1994 family comedy Blank Check teaches us a valuable lesson about money and the tendency to underestimate what a modern lifestyle really costs. Acclaimed actor [...] The post Trust Me, $1 Million is Enough Money to Retire appeared first on Retire29.... Read more »
  • Seuss Says: Spend Less Than You Make
    Gather ‘round my friends, I’ve a story to tell. I need your full attention, I’d rather not yell.   This story’s about money, It don’t [...] The post Seuss Says: Spend Less Than You Make appeared first on Retire29.... Read more »
  • Screw You, and Your Extended Warranty
    I am about to do some depraved, awful things to the extended warranty industry. I’m sure you can handle it, but in the event Retire29 [...] The post Screw You, and Your Extended Warranty appeared first on Retire29.... Read more »
  • How to Make a Half-Million Dollar Sausage
    Thanks to it getting picked up by Lifehacker, one of my previous articles titled “Before You Step, First Look Where You’re Standing” has been one [...] The post How to Make a Half-Million Dollar Sausage appeared first on Retire29.... Read more »
  • A Requiem to Old Stuff and Army Service
    The most pivotal moments in life never seem that way in the present. The weight of our actions usually become known only when we look [...] The post A Requiem to Old Stuff and Army Service appeared first on Retire29.... Read more »

    Money Metagame

  • The Plan For Our $450 Annual Fee Chase Sapphire Reserve Cards
    Just over a year ago, Becky and I were both approved for shiny new Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR) credit cards. Each new card came with a hefty $450 annual fee (not waived), but that fee was offset by a generous 100,000 point signup bonus and $600 in travel credits over... Read more »
  • Have You Checked Your Tax Withholding Lately?
    Can you believe there are less than 3 months left in the year?!?  The year seems to be accelerating to a close for us, probably because Becky and I have been so busy getting our house in order to prepare for our upcoming Gap Year! Regardless of what your own plans... Read more »
  • Gap Year Planning: Many Mediocre Health Insurance Options
    If you haven’t heard, Becky and I are planning to quit our jobs and travel around the country (and maybe beyond) for a year or so starting early next year!  We’re currently calling this adventure a “Gap Year” and planning is well under way.  In my last post, I covered... Read more »
  • Gap Year Planning: Pre-Trip Logistics – Part 1
    Just over a month ago, I wrote about how Becky and I were considering a radical change to our current lifestyle.  The potential plan includes quitting our jobs, selling most of our possessions, and hitting the road in what we are currently referring to as our “Gap Year”.  Fast forward... Read more »
  • The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the New FIRE Prowess Gauge
    Not too long ago, I stumbled across a new financial metric created by a fellow blogger, The Green Swan.  This “FIRE Prowess Gauge” promises to be universal to everyone and balance out any differences between people such such as income level, cost of living, and current net worth.  By balancing... Read more »

    Budgets Are Sexy

  • 10 #Money Tips For Ya
    Y’all asked for more real-life stories like our #money motivations from last week, so today we deliver up another plate full 🙂 Only this time around, we focus on money #tips. (Why do I keep #hashtagging everything?) I always keep a folder of great ideas when I see them in... Read more »
  • What I Learned From Interviewing 19 Millionaires
    [Hey guys! Welcome Benjamin Davis from FromCentsToRetirement.com to the blog today. He’s been on an interesting journey lately hanging out with millionaires, and stops by to share some insight 🙂 What a great way to soak up some knowledge, eh? Only costs you a cup of coffee!] ******** While doing... Read more »
  • #Money Motivation
    There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the world today. Here are some emails I’ve saved over the months which can’t help but get you to smile and be proud of your fellow man 🙂 None of this money stuff happens over night, but it’s amazing what a little... Read more »
  • The $50,000 Dollar Question…
    Goooooood morning budgeters! What’s good? How did your weekend go? Anyone have off today for Columbus Day? We’re gonna do a fun one today to kick off the week, and I wanna see how all your answers here differ from the same question we recently asked over a hundred $$$... Read more »
  • How To Make Thousands As a Forensic Accountant
    [Welcome to another edition of our Side Hustle Series! Up today, Keith Schroeder from The Wealthy Accountant who teaches us how to make some extra money today as a forensic accountant. A smart and fun dude, who currently holds the #1 slot in our Blogger Net Worth Tracker at over... Read more »


    Money Boss

  • The Future of Money Boss
    As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, it’s been a long, slow summer here at Money Boss. I haven’t written much about money — and when I have done so, it’s mainly been about my new house. While it’s true that the house itself has been the biggest barrier between me... Read more »
  • The Money Pit
    I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Kim and I are, at long last, finished with major remodeling on our new home. That means I’ll have plenty of time to write about money again. Yay! (As bonus good news, I’ll probably be writing... Read more »
  • VideoThe Big Fat Truth: J.D. Roth Interviews JD Roth
    I’m not the only semi-celebrity J.D. Roth. For more than fifteen years, I’ve been receiving email and tweets and Facebook messages intended for the other JD Roth, the former executive producer of The Biggest Loser — and tons of other television shows. Apparently the other JD Roth has a lot... Read more »
  • Just Solve the Problem!
    I have a splinter in my foot. It’s been there for the past ten days, and boy let me tell you: It hurts! While the contractors were working to replace the siding on our new home, they discovered a termite infestation outside the bathroom. Further investigation revealed that the floor... Read more »
  • Financial Freedom Is Time Freedom
    For the past month, my entire life seems to have revolved around repairs and maintenance on the new house. Some days, I’m the one doing the work: shoveling level ground for a planned writing shed, crawling under the house to check for leaks, pruning the overgrown hedges. Most days, however,... Read more »

    Can I Retire Yet?

  • A Flexible Plan For Health Insurance In Early Retirement
    Health care costs present a major planning challenge for a pending retiree. The earlier one would like to retire, the more daunting the challenge of bridging the gap to Medicare eligibility. America has the most expensive health care system in the world. Costs continue to increase far faster than the... Read more »
  • Managed-Payout Funds: One-Stop Shopping for Retirement Income?
    The holy grail of retirement income is guaranteed, inflation-adjusted payments that last a lifetime, with principal left over. Annuities offer that kind of lifetime income, at the cost of giving up your principal. But true inflation-adjusted annuities are hard to find, and very expensive. On the other hand, investment portfolios... Read more »
  • Summer Travels: Seize the Day
    It would be my last night in the Sierra for a long while. As I stared into the campfire under the star-filled sky last week, I reflected on how far I’d come: That day we had hiked nearly nine miles with full backpacks. We had climbed 1,000 feet up, past... Read more »
  • Conquer 3 Critical Early Retirement Challenges by Redefining ‘Retirement’
    For the first decade of my adult life I was saving diligently while coasting through life with vague ideas that someday I could retire early. As my wife and I reached our mid 30’s, we paid off our home and saw our investment balances building. We realized early retirement may... Read more »
  • Getting a Mortgage When You Have Assets But No Income
    Most early retirees have no pension, annuity, or Social Security income. Even if you’re a traditional retiree, you might have only one of those income streams. But what if your lifestyle plans require a home purchase? Even if you have the savings to afford a house, you might not necessarily... Read more »

    The Millionaire Educator

  • How We Avoided over $24,000 of Investment Fees in 2017
    Warm Yucatan greetings to all my trillionaire readers!  This week I was poking around on my Personal Capital account and found something that I have to share with the world.  As most of you know, I’m usually a pretty easy-going guy, but there is one thing that really spikes my... Read more »
  • September 2017 Net Worth Update
    Salutacions a tots els meus milionaris lectors!  Since I haven’t written anything about our finances since last July, it’s time for a net worth update.  Edwina and I have decided to continue tracking our net worth publicly until we both become millionaires in our own right.  (No more of this pathetic... Read more »
  • Video3 Similarities Between FIRE and Sasquatch
    Like many FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) enthusiasts, I’m a flat-out weird guy full of many strange interests and beliefs.  In the realm of FIRE, some of my bat-guano-crazy beliefs include:  1.) pursuing a 100% savings rate, 2.) frequent job changing to improve financial options, and 3.) teaching in the... Read more »
  • Road Trip #1: Motul — San Crisanto — Telchac Puerto
    Fall greetings to all my readers out there.  We’re getting into our school rhythm here in Merida now that Eduardito is back in “real” school this year.  Every morning we leave the house at 7:30 so that he’s there before the 7:45 start time.  So far, he’s really enjoying his... Read more »
  • FAQ #5: What About Health Insurance?
    Here’s a FAQ that many of my readers probably have: “Hey Ed, what about health insurance?“ Oh boy is this going to be a fun topic!  “Deductibles, in-network limits, out-of-network limits, etc.”  Do you feel your health-insurance juices starting to flow?  Yeah, me neither.  I’m sorry to disappoint you, but... Read more »

    Independently Financed

  • Come to terms now with the fact that you will feel poorer in old age
    Today we are enjoying the fruits of a politics founded, at its core, on the principle that the wealthiest, most powerful people in our society feel ill-used by the political system they exert an almost unfathomable amount of control over. They feel that someone, somewhere, must be pulling one over... Read more »
  • VideoWhat should you do if your Vanguard 403(b) account is getting access to Admiral shares?
    Workplace 403(b) retirement plans are, very roughly speaking, the non-profit and public sector’s answer to the 401(k) retirement plans offered by private companies. If your workplace 403(b) account is administered by Vanguard, you probably recently received a letter explaining some changes to your account. The most important changes are: a... Read more »
  • I am rabidly in favor of tax simplification, which is why I oppose “tax reform”
    Having failed to strip health insurance from tens of millions of low-income Americans, the Republican Congress has moved on to their next project of radically reducing the taxes paid by a sliver of high-income Americans. If you follow this debate over the course of the next few months, you’ll hear... Read more »
  • Why I do my own taxes (and why you might not)
    Every year around February 1, I fire up the IRS’s Free File Fillable Forms and begin the arduous process of manually inputting all my income and expenses for the year. I have what you could think of as either a very complex individual tax return or a very simple business... Read more »
  • Accelerating payments versus making good decisions
    Here at Saverocity, our glorious leader Matt and I have a difference in opinion, which is always more fun than agreement, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to give the strong form of our disagreement. I don’t think either of us actually holds the strong form of these... Read more »

    Slowly Sipping Coffee

  • Weddings and Finances – Perspective Changes Everything
    This past weekend we attended my brother-in-law’s wedding at the Isle of Palms in South Carolina. All the planning had been done by “Jill” (now his wife) so that she could cut costs where necessary and still keep the wedding… The post Weddings and Finances – Perspective Changes Everything appeared... Read more »
  • Summer Look Back and More!
    This summer has seemed to fly by. We spent the first part of it researching and meeting with different homebuilders for our Canyon Lake property. That was followed by a month long road trip for Mrs. SSC and the kids,… The post Summer Look Back and More! appeared first on... Read more »
  • One More Year Syndrome is Legit
    I used to think that One More Year syndrome was due to people not really wanting to retire or not having anything to retire to. Lately, I totally understand why people would get caught in the One More Year cycle.… The post One More Year Syndrome is Legit appeared first... Read more »
  • Throwing Water on Our FIRE!
    I knew things were off the rails when Mrs. SSC said, “I wouldn’t say we’re back to square one, but…” Yep, we’ve been having lots of “those types” of discussions. I think it’s a confluence of a few things really.… The post Throwing Water on Our FIRE! appeared first on... Read more »
  • VideoWhen Work Makes You Want to Quit EVEN Sooner.
    What a week it has been around the office. I’ve been back for a week from our most recent vacation up to the MT/ID area, and I was feeling pretty refreshed. I had gone the whole vacation not even thinking… The post When Work Makes You Want to Quit EVEN... Read more »

    Coach Carson

  • Early Retirement Using Rental Properties Near New York City
    [In my Investor Profile Series, I use a question & answer format to share the stories of actual real estate investors at different stages of their investing careers. Be sure to comment below if you enjoyed it or if you have questions for the investor.] Today’s investor profile is of Sunny Burns from... Read more »
  • The Hidden Cost of Too Much Comfort & Security (And What to Pursue Instead)
    In 1931 an Englishman named Aldous Huxley wrote a novel called Brave New World about a future society that apparently had it made.  Through advanced technology and meticulous government systems, everyone in this society had comfort, security, and entertainment in endless supply. But in the end, this “perfect” society turns out to... Read more »
  • Tech at Its Best: Making Life Easier for Rental Investors
    This is a guest post from a fellow real estate investor and blogger named Brian Davis.   The article is about cutting-edge technology that could make our real estate investing more efficient, enjoyable, and profitable. Like all forward-thinking articles, some of these tech advancements will become big and some won’t.... Read more »
  • Real Estate Investing While Overseas in the Military
    [In my Investor Profile Series, I use a question & answer format to share the stories of actual real estate investors at different stages of their investing careers. Be sure to comment below if you enjoyed it or if you have questions for the investor.] Today’s investor profile is going to be fun... Read more »
  • How to Retire Early & Confidently Using Real Estate Investing
    Real estate investing is my favorite path to retire early and confidently. Whether real estate is a small or large portion of your investment portfolio, you can use it to build wealth, generate income, and reach financial independence. How long does the journey to retirement or financial independence take? Of course,... Read more »

    Done by Forty

  • Housing, Mobility, and Opportunity
    My family has always been mobile. My mother moved here from the Philippines in the seventies with an associates degree from the lesser known MIT: Mapua Institute of Technology. My father took his mechanical engineering degree from Massachusetts to chase the jobs where they led him: South Africa, San Francisco... Read more »
  • VideoInside the Index
    If you write about personal finance long enough, you find yourself walking some well-worn ground. After a while, it seems we all take a crack at the same tired problems that so many other writers have over the years.We've all written about paying off consumer debt. And who hasn't had... Read more »
  • VideoBudget Porn: September 2017
    They say that you never bury the lede, so here it is: September destroyed our budget.We spent way above our long term monthly average, most of our spending was completely discretionary, and this month threw off our future financial independence projections pretty significantly.We might have screwed up.Let's dig into the... Read more »
  • A Visit to Copenhagen
    Happy Monday, friends. We are going to try something that hasn't been accomplished on this blog in years: writing weekly. And to keep the streak going, today we're going to tell you about our trip to Copenhagen.We went, as we tend to do, with our good couple friends who have... Read more »
  • Median Income, Middle Class
    The Census Bureau came out with a new report last week, which gives me a chance to write about my favorite topics: the middle class, and middle class income.It's such a charged term: middle class. Everyone has an idea of what it means, even if we don't agree on a... Read more »

    Living a FI

  • Obamacare’s Uncertain Future and The Impact on Early Retirement Planning
    You can’t always believe what candidates running for office say as they slog through their campaigns — gross exaggeration, pandering, and outright lies are to be expected by all involved — but when it comes to Obamacare, surely it is … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • Unloading Guns From A Portfolio
    Quick disclaimer:  I can’t recommend that readers perform the actions I’ve taken, so be aware while reading I’m not suggesting that everyone should follow my lead here. Please don’t, at least not before carefully thinking through the implications. Most people implement alternate … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • Early Retirement Bites
    I quit my job about a year ago. My last day was April 17th, 2015, to be exact. At this point I’ve got close to twelve full months of my new life under my belt.  That’s plenty of data, if you … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • A Return to Work
    Well, it’s not a return exactly.  Not in the ordinary sense of the word. What I’ve actually been doing is reading some of my old anger diary entries.  This feels like entering a time warp leading back to my old life, living out days … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • VideoDefinitely Not Purpose
    Disclaimer.  Yet again, there’s no talk of finances in this one.  Instead I’m discussing some of my post-working life in a very casual, journal-y way.  Additional warning:  It’s intensely personal.  If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, well then, absolutely no worries. … Continue reading →... Read more »

    Military Guide

  • USAA Answers Your Insurance And Financial Questions
    This was the best conference yet! For those who are just joining us, last month I polled people’s questions about USAA’s insurance and financial programs. I brought those issues to the Digital Military Experience with USAA’s Communications team, other program managers, and several executives. But first, it’s time for another... Read more »
  • What Questions Should I Ask USAA At Digital MilEx?
      [Nords note:  if you’re finding this post via a search engine, here’s the followup post with USAA’s responses: USAA Answers Your Insurance And Financial Questions]   It’s almost that time of year again! The San Antonio summer is cooling off (a little) and on 19-20 September I’ll be USAA’s... Read more »
  • “Hey, Nords: How’s Your Net Worth?!?”
      A long while back, a reader wrote: “Hey, Nords, any chance you’ll do a summary post about your FIRE history? I’m really interested to hear how your net worth and income have gone up.”   Life is good: my spouse and I recently pulled off an epic seven-week “slow... Read more »
  • Camp Mustache 4 Encore (And A Free Book!)
      [Nords note: My spouse and I are still on Mainland slow travel, and we’ll head back to Oahu in mid-July. Maybe we’ll see you at a military Space A passenger terminal!]   We spent another Memorial Day weekend at the Rainbow Lodge in the bustling megalopolis of North Bend,... Read more »
  • The Military Blended Retirement System: “Dude, Where’s My Calculator?”
      [Nords note: I’m on Mainland travel through mid-July: Seattle, Norfolk, and Ocean City. I’ll update this post as DoD rolls out the changes.] [Ah, good, the DoD BRS calculator has been officially released.]   A reader asks an outstanding question: Does it make sense to opt in to the... Read more »

    Satisfied Ghost

  • Mind hacks and the psychology of saving
    Why are Americans so bad at saving money? And why are some people so good at it? The Atlantic has a nifty video that talks about why Americans don’t save very much. Of course for those struggling to get by, saving is a luxury. But most of us could save... Read more »
  • How to stash your cash
    I have a cash problem.  Instead of investing it all according to my asset allocation, I stash it in a low-paying money market or CD. I share this bit of shameful information to show how difficult it is to make sound financial choices even when we have the knowledge. Financial... Read more »
  • How much money is “enough?”
    How much money money is enough? I asked around: Enough to meet my needs and a few luxuries. Enough to be safe. Enough to be happy. $10 million (I hear this number frequently in Silicon Valley circles). Enough never to work again. Enough to leave a legacy for my family.... Read more »
  • On Opportunities Past and Present
    I just returned from a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, the largest artist and writing residency program in the US. It was an amazing two weeks of productivity and inspiration, where I managed to write 21,000 words on a fiction project. I also marveled at the creativity and dedication... Read more »
  • The problem with retirement calculators
    Fear sells. If you follow personal finance topics you’ve certainly heard about “the looming retirement crisis” or how most American’s don’t save enough for retirement. Hogwash. There are millions of Americans with absolutely nothing saved. In fact, there are 57 million of them. But the fear mongering which takes place... Read more »


    Afford Anything

  • Love is Stronger Than Fear
    I live in Las Vegas. This is my home. Here are a few things that happened today: Thousands stood in line for 6-8+ hours to donate blood. Hundreds more donated water, snacks and shade. Locals gathered on Facebook to offer free housing, rides, and pet-sitting for victims and volunteers. Airlines... Read more »
  • VideoWhat Would You Do If You Didn’t Have to Work?
    Oh my goodness. I’ve done the unthinkable. I’ve written a blog post, after a many-month absence. I realize this comes as a shock. If you need a moment to process, take your time. Okay. Here we go. So. I’ve been quiet around here, so first I want to let you... Read more »

    Mr Crazy Kicks

  • DIY Hoop House Greenhouse Design and Build
    As a kid, I tried to make my own solar ovens. I fashioned old windows together, and put pans of water inside to heat. They usually sucked, but these experiments spurred my fascination with greenhouses. Like my grandfather, I love … Continue reading → The post DIY Hoop House Greenhouse... Read more »
  • You Owe It to Yourself to Pursue Financial Independence
    The longer I’ve been retired, the more I’m convinced that everyone should pursue financial independence. I felt trapped while working, and that feeling kept growing as everyday started to look the same. Now, I don’t necessarily know what I’ll be … Continue reading → The post You Owe It to... Read more »
  • Loving the Local Life in Vermont
    One of the things I love about traveling is the chance to enjoy mountains, rivers, forests, and cities that other people call home. In seeing how other people live, I also come to appreciate our own little backyard on this … Continue reading → The post Loving the Local Life... Read more »
  • You Don’t Have Too Much in Your 401k, Here’s How to Withdraw Penalty-free in Early Retirement
    I’ve been trying to convince my friend Lorenzo to pursue financial independence, and I think he’s starting to see the benefits. Recently married, he’s started saving aggressively, paying down debt, and tracking their net worth which he shared with me. … Continue reading → The post You Don’t Have Too... Read more »
  • Grow a Ton of Food Urban Farming in Your Neighborhood
    I used to think I needed over an acre of land to have a decent farm, and our retirement ideas included starting a homestead. In the meantime, I began with a small garden on our 1/4 acre plot. A few years later, we also … Continue reading → The post Grow a Ton of... Read more »

    Journey To Launch

  • Episode 14- From Welfare to Running a 6 Figure Business, How Alanya Created Wealth From The Bottom Up
    Listen & Subscribe: on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Android Device Anyone can build wealth and anyone can start with nothing and turn it into something. Nothing demonstrates that more than today’s guest, Alanya Kolberg, creator of Bottom of Wealth. Alanya went from being on welfare and bankruptcy to teaching herself how... Read more »
  • Episode 13- Goal Setting, Journey Points & Listener Q&A
    Listen & Subscribe: on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Android Device We are in the home stretch of 2017. How are you doing with your goals? In this episode, I give you some tips on how to finish out the 4th quarter of the year strong. In order to set goals... Read more »
  • Episode 12- Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing
    Listen & Subscribe: on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Android Device Investing in real estate can be very risky yet very rewarding. Learn how Kendra Barnes without knowing much, in the beginning, started her fast-growing real estate empire. It all started when she and her husband had an epiphany while playing... Read more »
  • Episode 11- Rejecting Homeownership, Traveling the World & Retiring by 31 Years Old
    Listen & Subscribe: on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Android Device Meet Kristy Shen & Bryce Leung, two millennials that decided to invest and retire early rather than buy a home in their high cost of living area, Toronto, Canada. They retired from their jobs at the age of 31 years... Read more »
  • Episode 10- How Patrice Washington Became America’s Money Maven
    Listen & Subscribe: on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Android Device What does someone have to go through to come from nothing, become a millionaire, lose it all, only to gain it back all again? Patrice Washington, America’s Money Maven, best selling author, speaker, and money coach knows all about that.... Read more »

    The Frugal Humanist

  • Getting unstuck in Sun Valley in preparation for the Solar Eclipse!
    No better location to watch the Great Solar Eclipse than a place called Sun Valley! Right? Actually, we did have other plans, but you know what they say about best laid plans and such… We were going to head up to the Redfish Lake area of the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, where we... Read more »
  • Hurricane Harvey, here’s what you can do.
    If there is one good thing that comes out of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, it is the widespread desire to provide help. Many people choose to help and it is heartwarming to see a nation come together, setting all disagreements aside in favor of getting the job done. If... Read more »
  • One year of FIRE in NUMBERS!
    Today is my one year FIRE anniversary. WOW, one year! The first of many, hopefully! A few days ago I wrote about my experience and  some of my observations during this first year. Today I want to follow up with some good ole quantitative measurements. Yeah for numbers. Fire ONE year... Read more »
  • FIRE almost one year in: Spoiler Alert: It’s not a sabbatical!
    On August 19th 2016, I sent an email to all work related contacts, informing them I was taking a yearlong sabbatical. After changing my out of office reply and voice mail along the same lines, I handed over my company cell phone, laptop computer, passwords and a bunch of other... Read more »
  • Finding financial advice in unexpected places!
    Today TDA and I visited Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It has been on my places-I-want-to-visit-list for a very long time. We leisurely strolled along the trail that took us to the artist studio via various viewing platforms and made it back to the visitor centre just in time when a... Read more »

    The Retirement Manifesto

  • The Narrow Path To A Great Retirement
    The Path To A Great Retirement is Narrow.  I discovered that 34 years ago, but I really understood it just last night. While laying in bed last night, I had […] The post The Narrow Path To A Great Retirement appeared first on The Retirement Manifesto.... Read more »
  • How To Be A Great Podcast Guest
    Have you ever wondered how to be a guest on a podcast?   What it’s really like “behind the scenes”?  How you communicate with the podcast hosts?   How you […] The post How To Be A Great Podcast Guest appeared first on The Retirement Manifesto.... Read more »
  • Top Tips For Retiring Abroad
    Are you considering retiring abroad?  It seems to be a topic that’s getting more attention lately.  Whether it’s to stretch your retirement dollar or to enjoy the allure of living […] The post Top Tips For Retiring Abroad appeared first on The Retirement Manifesto.... Read more »
  • A Life In Pictures
    I’m attempting a new style today, I hope you enjoy the approach.  A “Photo-Journal”, if you will, of my years thus far on Planet Earth.  A Life In Pictures. It’s […] The post A Life In Pictures appeared first on The Retirement Manifesto.... Read more »
  • The Ten Commandments Of Early Retirement
    Ah, the dream of Early Retirement!  Almost all of us have that dream at some point in our lives, but few of us actually do it.  Why?  When you get […] The post The Ten Commandments Of Early Retirement appeared first on The Retirement Manifesto.... Read more »

    zen habits

  • Habit Mastery: My New Course to Help You Level Up Your Skills
    By Leo Babauta I’m excited to tell you about my new video course, Habit Mastery, which is designed to help you practice and level up your habit skills. It’s a 12-week course with two video lessons a week, daily practice, and interviews with 11 other amazing habit experts. Guys, this... Read more »
  • The Ultimate Productivity, Simplicity, Finance, Happiness & Weight Loss Hack
    By Leo Babauta I’ll share the ultimate hack in just two words: letting go. These two words, if practiced and lived, can be the key to all the self-improvement in your life: Productivity: By letting go of trying to do everything, or be updated about everything, you can focus on... Read more »
  • A Guide to Getting Good at Dealing with Chaos
    By Leo Babauta It is a wonderful thing to have order to our lives, to simplify and have routines and systems that make things peaceful, organized, and calm. Unfortunately, life likes to throw chaos and disorganization our way. Things get disrupted, people interrupt, email requests pour in, our neatness gets... Read more »
  • The First Hour: Creating Powerful Mornings
    By Leo Babauta As your day starts, it’s easy to get lost in the habit of checking messages, replying to email, checking the news and your favorite blogs. It’s easy to fritter your day away doing a thousand small harmless actions … but the essential actions get put off. The... Read more »
  • The Ideal vs. the Reality of Changing Your Life
    “Our plans never turn out as tasty as reality.” ~Ram Dass By Leo Babauta If only life went exactly as we imagine it would go … things would be so much easier! Unfortunately, in my dozens and dozens of habit changes, I’ve never once had a change go exactly as... Read more »

    The Happy Philosopher

  • Death of a Colleague
    Recently a physician I know died suddenly, at home. He was young, certainly young enough for his death to be surprising. Shortly after this news filtered to me via the grapevine, a brief email from hospital administration arrived in my inbox. It was light on details, vaguely written, asked for... Read more »
  • Hitting the Reset Button
    You may have noticed I have not published much on the blog recently. Truth be told, I am in a bit of a funk right now. I don’t feel particularly creative, and although I have plenty of time to write, I find myself wasting time on other things. I have... Read more »
  • Case Study: A Military Doctor Can Retire Early. Should He?
      Every now and then people email me and ask me for advice. Many of them are physicians who relate to my story and have thoughts of early retirement or some alternative plan other than “work until 65 and either die or golf every day”. I don’t really have time... Read more »
  • Stacking Functions
    Everything we do has a cost in terms of time, money or energy. This concept of opportunity cost is an important one. The more efficiently we use our resources, the more we have available for other things. In this way efficiency is an important tool we use to increase our... Read more »
  • The Cult of Productivity
    Fitter, Happier, More Productive Productivity is great, right? I mean who doesn’t want to be more productive. Productivity means you are doing things, often important things. And getting things done is what we do. Society needs people buzzing around doing stuff to keep the hive running smoothly. Idle hands are... Read more »

    The Happy Philosopher

  • Death of a Colleague
    Recently a physician I know died suddenly, at home. He was young, certainly young enough for his death to be surprising. Shortly after this news filtered to me via the grapevine, a brief email from hospital administration arrived in my inbox. It was light on details, vaguely written, asked for... Read more »
  • Hitting the Reset Button
    You may have noticed I have not published much on the blog recently. Truth be told, I am in a bit of a funk right now. I don’t feel particularly creative, and although I have plenty of time to write, I find myself wasting time on other things. I have... Read more »
  • Case Study: A Military Doctor Can Retire Early. Should He?
      Every now and then people email me and ask me for advice. Many of them are physicians who relate to my story and have thoughts of early retirement or some alternative plan other than “work until 65 and either die or golf every day”. I don’t really have time... Read more »
  • Stacking Functions
    Everything we do has a cost in terms of time, money or energy. This concept of opportunity cost is an important one. The more efficiently we use our resources, the more we have available for other things. In this way efficiency is an important tool we use to increase our... Read more »
  • The Cult of Productivity
    Fitter, Happier, More Productive Productivity is great, right? I mean who doesn’t want to be more productive. Productivity means you are doing things, often important things. And getting things done is what we do. Society needs people buzzing around doing stuff to keep the hive running smoothly. Idle hands are... Read more »