Mr. Money Mustache

  • Why You’ll Probably Never Run Out Of Money
    As strange as it may sound, earning financial freedom is a lot easier for certain people than claiming that freedom once they have earned it. And if the following statement rings true to you, you may be suffering from this same hardship: “I think I’m close to having enough money... Read more »
  • VideoWhich is Safer: Rental Houses or Stock Investments? (a Case Study)
    During our recent discussion on Inflation, a Badass reader stopped by and caught my attention by dropping the following block of wisdom into the comments section:  “A final note if you are worried about inflation: sledgehammer the TV and go for a walk in the woods. Trees get bigger every... Read more »
  • Finally, a Stock Market Crash!
    Well, that was kinda sudden! In the three months or so since we last spoke, the world has become an entirely different place – at least for those of us who keep up with any sort of international, financial or stock market news.  The headlines are new, and the problems... Read more »
  • Reader Case Study: Is it Okay to Subsidize my Spendypants Adult Children?
    It has been a good while since we’ve done a reader case study here on MMM, but that hasn’t stopped them from arriving in my inbox. And since 2022 is becoming a year of interesting financial changes, it’s time to spark things up again, go back to our roots, and... Read more »
  • Inflation – Should We Be Worried?
    I’ve been writing about money for almost eleven years now, and in that time the world has become an immensely richer place. Here in the US, our economy has grown by about 25% even after inflation, world economic output has grown even faster, and the number of people living in... Read more »

    Financial Independence / Retire Early

  • Overfunded Roth IRA, can I withdraw the funds and still perform a backdoor Roth?
    My SO (single filer) funded their Roth Ira at the beginning of the year. They received a fairly significant bonus/raise recently that is going to push their income over the IRS threshold for Roth IRA contributions. Is there a way to remove the funds from the Roth IRA that would... Read more »
  • What about us poor people?
    A lot of posts I see here are from tech people making big salaries, that’s not necessarily a problem, but their path to fire is going to be a lot different than mine. I make less than $18/hr(hopefully that will change very soon though). Chances are, when I finish school... Read more »
  • Daily FI discussion thread - Thursday, August 11, 2022
    Please use this thread to have discussions which you don't feel warrant a new post to the sub. While the Rules for posting questions on the basics of personal finance/investing topics are relaxed a little bit here, the rules against memes/spam/self-promotion/excessive rudeness/politics still apply! Have a look at the FAQ... Read more »
  • How do you "break" the lifestyle creep each time you move into new tier of income?
    Say you had a $70k job and got a $150k job. Your expenses remain the same, but you have a lot more money. You obviously have some more leeway with spending, and you probably don't want to just invest the difference. But you have some degree of thrifty/cheap/poverty mindset -... Read more »
  • Daily FI discussion thread - Wednesday, August 10, 2022
    Please use this thread to have discussions which you don't feel warrant a new post to the sub. While the Rules for posting questions on the basics of personal finance/investing topics are relaxed a little bit here, the rules against memes/spam/self-promotion/excessive rudeness/politics still apply! Have a look at the FAQ... Read more »

    Early Retirement Extreme

  • Five flag theory
    I like change. I like moving to a new place every once in a while just to change things up and learn new things. I don’t like fast change which “travel” is usually associated with. Travel is for the experiences, but I like learning things more than experiencing things and... Read more »
  • Musings on postmodernism, ignorance, and my answer to “Do you really believe people are dumb?”
    I was once interviewed for a thesis project where I had to explain my ideas about ERE, social relevance, general adoption, etc. At one point during the interview after having explained something about price-behavior, the interviewer asked me the following question: “So do you believe that most people are dumb?”... Read more »
  • Top 5 reasons why sidewalks are not safe
    In this new series of posts I give popular personal finance advise in an easily digestible list format of tips, reasons, things, and so on. I will tell you how you too can be rich, good-looking, or perhaps just plain awesome by adopting these amazing insights which have been developed... Read more »
  • One more year before comfort
    In my search to determine what people actually mean when they say they want a “comfortable life” and in particular a “comfortable retirement” I have come across two conflicting definitions. No wonder, then, that such statements confuse me. I usually think that comfort means being free from physiological (mental and... Read more »
  • My theory of persuasion
    My theory or persuasion is very simple and probably colored by the fact that I, in terms of personality, am very different from most people (present company mostly excluded) in that I am not very good at convincing most people that what I say is correct. (Mind you, I have... Read more »

    Go Curry Cracker!

  • Working With Wood
    Prior to this time a year ago, I had never purchased lumber in my life. But then I walked into one of those big box home improvement stores to purchase some outdoor furniture for the deck and the pool, and I was blown away by how poorly all of that... Read more »
  • A Coastal Road Trip
    Road trips are fun. We recently returned from a 500-mile route in the EV and a great time was had by all. We spent 5-days / 4-nights on the road, visited an aquarium, an amusement park, and a few beaches, and had some delicious sushi and greek cuisine. Travel hacking... Read more »
  • How I Borrowed Over $250,000 at 0% Interest
    Advertiser Disclosure: This site is part of an affiliate sales network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites, such as CardRatings.com. This compensation may impact how and where links appear on this site. This site does not include all financial companies or all available financial offers. Opinions, reviews, analyses &... Read more »
  • Accessing Airport Lounges and Restaurants for Free with Priority Pass
    Advertiser Disclosure: This site is part of an affiliate sales network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites, such as CardRatings.com. This compensation may impact how and where links appear on this site. This site does not include all financial companies or all available financial offers. Opinions, reviews,... Read more »
  • Legal Money Laundering
    Cash flow is kind of important, in (early) retirement as in life. No cash flow, no nuthin’ – can’t pay the bills, can’t buy the things, can’t do the stuff. A couple common cash flow challenges in early retirement involve: wanting to spend retirement account income before age 59.5 (you... Read more »

    1500 Days to Freedom

  • California Slow Coasting
    This blog will return to normal programming shortly (finance, farts, and dinosaurs). However, summers are pretty busy with the girls out of school. Posts where I show you some pictures are easy, so this is what you get! Hey, at least I’m honest! Plus, maybe my tales of adventure will... Read more »
  • Performance Update, June 2022: COVID Blows Up Life (Again)
    My main goal* was to build an investment and cash portfolio of $1,120,000* ($1,000,000 to retire on and $120,000 to pay off the house) in 1500 days**, starting from 1/1/2013 and ending in February of 2017. I made my goal in 2016, my 1500 Days are over, and I’ve left my job. In the interest of... Read more »
  • Road Trip: Update 2! (Boise And Sunriver)
    And we made it to Sunriver! But not without a little drama. The Check Engine light came on somewhere in Idaho. We took the car to an auto parts store for diagnosis and fortunately the problem wasn’t a serious one (bad gas?). One of the best parts of road trips... Read more »
  • Inspiration Stagnation/ Road Trip!
    I’ve been writing here for almost 10 years now. For most of that time, I’m never at a loss for inspiration. My crazy brain is always throwing ideas at me. But lately, I haven’t been feeling it. I ask my brain for ideas and it’s like: Perhaps it’s the feeling... Read more »
  • Performance Update, May 2022: Maximum OOF!
    My main goal* was to build an investment and cash portfolio of $1,120,000* ($1,000,000 to retire on and $120,000 to pay off the house) in 1500 days**, starting from 1/1/2013 and ending in February of 2017. I made my goal in 2016, my 1500 Days are over, and I’ve left my job. In the interest of... Read more »

    Mad Fientist

  • mp3The Best Advice from Mr. Money Mustache
    To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Financial Independence Podcast, here are the highlights from my first guest - Mr. Money Mustache! Read more → The post The Best Advice from Mr. Money Mustache appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »
  • mp3Aime to Invest – From Bankruptcy to FI in 8 Years
    Patrick Aime from Aime to Invest shares the important lessons he learned on his rollercoaster journey from bankruptcy to FI millionaire! Read more → The post Aime to Invest – From Bankruptcy to FI in 8 Years appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »
  • mp3The Escape Artist – FIRE in the UK
    The Escape Artist joins me on the Financial Independence Podcast to talk about pursuing FIRE in the United Kingdom! Read more → The post The Escape Artist – FIRE in the UK appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »
  • mp3Bogleheads – Life After FIRE
    I joined a virtual Bogleheads meeting to talk about life after financial independence and early retirement! Read more → The post Bogleheads – Life After FIRE appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »
  • How to Stack Tax Benefits for Even More Savings
    A Mad Fientist reader shares how he utilizes tax-advantaged accounts to unlock even more cost-saving benefits! Read more → The post How to Stack Tax Benefits for Even More Savings appeared first on Mad Fientist.... Read more »

    Millennial Revolution

  • Is the US in a Recession?
    Last week, GDP numbers came in for Q2, and they…don’t look great. The U.S. economy unexpectedly shrank for a second quarter in a row this year, according to data released Thursday. GDP Flashes Recession Warning Sign, Forbes.com The US has now experienced negative GDP growth for 2 consecutive quarters, and... Read more »
  • How to Beat Inflation
    (Note: Stay tuned for the giveaway winners announcement at the end of the article) Ahh inflation, the most terrifying arch-nemesis of early retirees.  You’re no longer working, relying on your portfolio (which is dropping during a bear market), and then you get hit with a whopping 9% increase in spending?... Read more »
  • Is Inflation Starting to Peak?
    (Note: Stay tuned until the end of this post for a fun give away!) Inflation. It’s everywhere, affecting everything from gas to groceries to rent, and it doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Just last week, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released their inflation report for June 2022,... Read more »
  • Reader Case: Can This Family Survive Higher Mortgage Rates?
    The times sure are a-changing. As mortgage rates around the world climb inexorably higher on the back of central bank interest rate hikes, everything in the housing market seems to be changing, in ways that continue to surprise us. Today’s reader case is a great example of this. What should... Read more »
  • Is It Time To Buy Bonds Again?
    Bonds have been having a rough 2022. Though to be fair, pretty much every asset class has too. The S&P 500 officially hit bear market territory in June 2022, Europe and the international markets are also down about 20%. Canada has been the over-performer this year, losing “only” 10% YTD,... Read more »

    Can I Retire Yet?

  • Why You Should Never Retire
    I recently received an anonymous email from someone who identified themself as a 70+ year-old long-time blog reader who is well past the point of financial independence. He wrote: “I agree with the FI part of FIRE but I have no interest in the RE. I’m old enough to retire... Read more »
  • Taking Stock of Your Life and Finances
    Jordan Grumet is a hospice doctor. Readers of this blog more likely know him as Doc G, host and writer of the Earn & Invest podcast and blog. In his new book, Taking Stock, Grumet tackles the topics of death and money, both of which are often taboo in our... Read more »
  • Best of the Web 7/25/2022
    Financial markets have been getting battered this year. This makes the common challenge of shifting from saving for retirement to spending from assets in retirement even harder. We’ll start with resources that may help ease your mind. We’ll also explore the topic of burning out on stressful careers and alternative... Read more »
  • When Are Roth Accounts Better then Tax-Deferred?
    I recently spoke at a Camp FI event. In one breakout session, participants debated the benefits of traditional tax-deferred accounts vs. Roth accounts. I listened to strong opinions favoring one type of account over another. Unfortunately, these opinions often lack nuance and miss key details. In reality, there is no... Read more »
  • Best of the Web 7/11/22
    A combination of summer travels and meeting demands of my CFP coursework have forced me to make changes to my routine. I’m finding it challenging to stay on a regular writing schedule. Simultaneously, I’m taking in more information than ever. So I’m going to shift gears. Rather than publishing three... Read more »

    Root of Good

  • June 2022 Early Retirement Update – Cheers from Europe Edition
    After a busy month of traveling in Europe, I finally have a pause in the schedule to pull together another monthly update. We spent the first three weeks of our vacation in Croatia. Then we traveled a couple of hours north where we stayed in the middle of the Julian... Read more »
  • May 2022 Early Retirement Update – See Ya Later, America! Edition
    Ok folks, it's June and the year is almost half over. Where does all the time go?  May was another busy but fun month for us. We celebrated some birthdays with family. We went on a cruise. Our kids have finished another successful year of school. And next week we... Read more »
  • Mount Rushmore, Badlands , and Air Force Museum – Cross Country USA Road Trip (Part 13)
    On the final leg of our six week summer road trip, we spent six days driving the 2,200 miles east from Gardiner, Montana back home to Raleigh, North Carolina. Along the way, we visited Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and the National Museum of the US... Read more »
  • April 2022 Early Retirement Update
    Another busy month comes to a close! We spent Spring Break on a cruise. Upon returning to Raleigh, the older kids prepared to take their Advanced Placement exams. And now, we are getting ready to go on another cruise!  After we get back from our next cruise, we'll have about... Read more »
  • Yellowstone National Park – Cross Country USA Road Trip (Part 12)
    We spent three days exploring the vast wilderness area known as Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming.  The first day, we visited Grand Prismatic Spring, Old Faithful geyser, and the Fountain Paint Pot area. We saw dozens of geysers, hot springs, and mud pots throughout the day. On the second... Read more »


  • Family Day Trips And Other July 2022 Expenses
    After nine years of pandemic isolation, we decided this would be the summer of family day trips! Our kids hadn’t been to any of the area museums or towns or restaurants or libraries due to: a) pandemic; b) being babies before the pandemic. We’ve made up for that dearth of... Read more »
  • Reader Case Study: Can I Retire at 60 and Pay for My Kids’ College?
    Jenny and her husband Will live in the Upper Midwest along the shores of Lake Michigan with their two children, Sam (age 16) and Alex (age 10), and their one old cat. Will is 56 and the couple always planned for him to retire at 60 and to pay for... Read more »
  • The Folding Wagon of my Dreams And Other June 2022 Expenses
    June was a month of celebrations! My husband and I marked FOURTEEN years of marriage, Kidwoods “graduated” from Kindergarten, Littlewoods finished her first year of preschool, we went to a town-wide end-of-school party with a food truck and BOUNCE HOUSE. And, we bought the folding wagon of my dreams. The... Read more »
  • Reader Case Study: A Doula, A Scientist & Three Kids in Alaska
    Kait and her husband Dave live in Alaska with their three young children. Kait works as a Postpartum Doula and Dave as a scientist for the state. They love their outdoorsy lifestyle and have created an incredibly close-knit community with their neighbors and friends. However, their beloved home has some... Read more »
  • The Uber Frugal Month Starts Today! And There’s Still Time to Join Us!
    The heralded day is here. It’s Day One of the July Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge and there’s still time to join me–and thousands of other frugal devotees–for our month-long journey to financial wellness. Sign-up in the box below by 11:59pm EST today, July 1, 2022! And again, this is... Read more »


  • The Price of Security
    Photo courtesy of Billy Kaderli “Funny, no one has a crystal ball, no one knows the future but all say the stock market WILL go up in the future. Maybe we’re the generation that our kids will also look and say: ‘They gambled everything in the stock market thinking it... Read more »
  • Case Study #17: Buying into the market right before a Bear
    Photo by anvesh baru If you are surprised to see two “case study” posts from me in a row, your reaction is no more than my own. For the last one it could be charged that I succumbed to flattery and bribery in taking it on. No case to be... Read more »
  • Case Study #16: Helping dad with an inheritance
    Photo courtesy of Van Trapp Farmstead It has been a long time since we’ve done a Case Study around here, but recently I responded to an email that feels like a good one to share with you. It reflects an interesting dilemma and it allows me to, mildly at least,... Read more »
  • Just inked a contract for my next book, and I want you to be a part of it!
      I’ve some very exciting news to share with you today. I just inked a deal with Harriman House to publish my third book. Its working title is: PATHFINDERS: Travelers’s Tale on the Simple Path to Wealth and… I’d like you to be a part of it! If that’s all... Read more »
  • The Dinky Diner
    It is 2008. Imagine you are a woman alone on a road trip. Passing through the center of Nevada, a fairly desolate place,  your car breaks down just outside of this town… You have no way of knowing it just yet, but this was once the largest city in Nevada.... Read more »

    Mr. Free At 33

  • Everyone Is Freaking Out
    Looking for some great long-term investment opportunities? Like being greedy when others are fearful? Want to know my top five stocks for August 2022? Then you have to check out today’s video. For more on my top five stocks for August 2022, check out our latest video HERE. What do... Read more »
  • Get An 8.5% Yield! This Dividend King Is Cheap Right Now
    Have some cash to invest? Looking for a cheap dividend growth stock that is 25% off of its 52-week high? Does a jaw-dropping yield of over 8% sound good to you? Then you have to check out today’s video. For more on a cheap Dividend King offering an 8.5% yield,... Read more »
  • Time to Back Up The Ship And Buy? This High-Quality Nuclear Shipbuilder Is Looking Cheap
    Looking for a great business that’s perfectly positioned for today’s geopolitical environment? Want a yield that beats the market and dividend growth that beats inflation? Like the idea of getting a high-quality dividend growth stock on sale? Then you have to check out today’s video. For more on a high-quality... Read more »
  • Cratered! These Top Dividend Stocks Are Buying Opportunities Now
    Looking for incredible long-term buying opportunities? Want higher yields, less risk, and greater long-term total return potential? Like the idea of swooping in with cash and buying beaten-up stocks after they’ve cratered? Then you have to check out today’s video. For more on five dividend growth stocks that have cratered,... Read more »
  • Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Of The Week
    Every Sunday, I uncover a high-quality dividend growth stock that appears to be undervalued. These pieces are published at Daily Trade Alert, which is a site that focuses on dividend growth investing, stocks, and unique investment opportunities. I’ve been writing for them for years now, and they’re just great over... Read more »

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    Fiery Millennials

  • Road Trip 2022: The Power of Community
    I have never been more grateful to have a powerful community behind me than when things go sideways.  I wrote previously that I was very honored and excited to get to speak at this year’s Chautauqua in Ecuador. I was honored and excited right up until it got cancelled roughly... Read more »
  • Navigating the Archaic, Convoluted, Confusing, and Utterly Enraging 401(k) Rollover Process
    I have attempted to rollover my prior 401(k) accounts in the past few weeks. As you can tell from the title, everything has gone smoothly and easily. HA! Just kidding. It’s been awful. Fortunately for all of you, I took detailed notes on the whole process. If any Vanguard or... Read more »
  • A Cash Crunch and Crisis of Self
    I recently went through a cash crunch. It was not something I’d care to repeat anytime soon.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the math to work out. 4200 minus 2000 always equaled 2200. I’m pretty good at math and yet I was being defeated by 2nd-grade math.... Read more »
  • Financial Headwinds on the Path to FI
    I’ve been seeing some thoughts pop up on Twitter over the last few months that have sparked an idea in my brain. Obviously, everyone’s journey to Financial Independence will look different. But what are some of the ways our paths differ? Our journeys are different because we’re all facing different... Read more »
  • Sometimes More is Less
    Or, why I chose to blow up my housing budget and go with a fancy condo as my new residence.  Looking for housing is tough in the best of times and we are far from the best of times right now. Housing prices are at an all-time high and inventory... Read more »

    Early Retirement Extreme Forums

  • Friends & Family Questions • Re: Optimizing sex
    The other thing that I haven't seen anyone mention yet is that it's important to pay attention to the other person a lot.I am maybe an incurable optimist with way too much faith in humanity, but I would hope that when someone wants to get better at anything that involves... Read more »
  • Money Questions • Re: Gaming/virtual economies (EVE online)
    I played World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. I was part of a "clan" in both games. I used to host a Teamspeak and then a Ventrilo server so we could use voice communications to conquer high end content. Playing with people online and chatting via headphones was fun... Read more »
  • Lifestyle Questions • Re: Everyday noise tolerance
    Growing up in the city and enduring the random drunk neighbor blasting music to the most inconvenient hours, and hearing sirens and random noise day and night, has made me very resilient to noise when I'm focused on something. I suggest you actually expose yourself to more noise rather than... Read more »
  • Work & Education • Re: 80,000 Hours - Effective Altruism
    The article gives me robber baron / Andrew Carnegie vibes. “You don’t know what’s good for the world, we do. We can choose what’s best for you.” As well as proto think tank vibes, “I can prove this might be a horrible problem for the world, and, oh hey, it... Read more »
  • Lifestyle Questions • Re: Lying flat, quiet quitting, Gervais losers
    From the linked article: “The search for meaning has become far more apparent. There was a sense of our own mortality during the pandemic, something quite existential around people thinking ‘What should work mean for me?.."I think this underlies most of the motivation of the lying flat movement. I find... Read more »

    Jillian Johnsrud

  • The Roads Not Taken
    “What’s an opportunity or pursuit that you passed on earlier in life, but if the opportunity came again, you would consider taking it?”  This is a question I contemplated a lot during our last three-month road trip. And this year, while I’m working a max of 8 hours a week,... Read more »
  • How to Avoid Early Retirement Failure
    While life might be like a box of chocolates, I’d say it’s more like a garden box. We each have a specific and finite amount of time and space to grow what matters to us. There is often a work plant, a family one, friends, hobbies, or interests. At any... Read more »
  • Get Started Investing
    Getting started investing can feel overwhelming. Investing for retirement can seem impossible. You might need one to two million dollars to retire comfortably. When you hardly ever have an extra few thousand, a million dollars seems like a made-up, laughable number.  The power of compound interest is truly mind-boggling! In... Read more »
  • Planning a mini-retirement with kids
    My family of 7 just returned from a 12-week road trip in our 26-foot camper. Planning this kind of trip can be overwhelming. There are so many unknowns and complications to work through. Large adventures with kids in tow (ages 14, 13, 9, 8, and 6), seem wonderful in theory,... Read more »
  • How the Greatest Entrepreneurs Deal with Imposter Syndrome
    Entrepreneur Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jason Feifer, joins Jillian to give practical advice on how the greatest entrepreneurs deal with imposter syndrome.  Listen here at Libsyn, Apple, Castbox, Spotify, or your favorite player. There is no one correct answer when it comes to creating boundaries between your identity and your work. Some need significant separation, while... Read more »

    Done by Forty

  • VideoHoops for the Poor
    It's tax time. That means it's time to wait anxiously for the mail each day, hoping that final W2 or 1099 will show up, and we finance weirdos can start in on the fun of entering figures into our favorite tax software.I know I'm not the only one who enjoys... Read more »
  • Solar Panels or an Electric Vehicle?
    SourceLast week we noodled over which electric vehicle might replace one of the two gas burning cars in our garage right now. But I was underwhelmed by how little cost or even environmental savings would be gained from most of the options. The new EVs wouldn't break on costs for hundreds... Read more »
  • VideoNoodling Electric Vehicles
    SourceI'm in the middle of Wallet Activism right now and it's changing the way I think about things. How we spend our money, sure. But also how we think about things. How do we make decisions, even with things that are free (or "free"). When I click on the free shipping... Read more »
  • VideoWay Too Transparent: All the Money We've Made (2022 update)
    Source.Another year in the books, another year of the pandemic to endure. Welcome to 2022, what promises to be the longest seventy three months in memory. Supply chains are stretched, we've collectively stopped trying to avoid giving each other COVID, inflation is rampant, and Tom Brady will win another Super Bowl... Read more »
  • Mediocre Advice for Dads Who Somehow Know Less Than Me
    When I first left work, I imagined I'd be writing multiple posts a week again like I did in the early years of the blog. Without the forty hours and ongoing stress of corporate employment, I'd be able to write a post on Monday and another mid-week, for sure.As usual,... Read more »

    The Golden Albatross

  • The Pension Couch: Replacing Pension Income
    If I leave now, how much would I have to save each month for the next six years to replace the difference I am losing? The post The Pension Couch: Replacing Pension Income appeared first on The Golden Albatross.... Read more »
  • The Pension Series (Part 31): Grumpus Maximization
    Pension Maximization Part Deux This post is a direct continuation of Pension Series Part 30. In that article, I introduced my general framework for maximizing your defined benefit (DB) pension, which I call Grumpus Maximization. I also walked through the first two steps of Grumpus Maximization, which were (1) setting... Read more »
  • The Pension Series (Part 30): Pension Maximization
    Pension maximization ensures your pension's positive impact in retirement is as significant as possible. You maximize your pension by taking active steps during your pensionable career. The post The Pension Series (Part 30): Pension Maximization appeared first on The Golden Albatross.... Read more »
  • The Pension Series (Part 6): Valuing Pension Subsidized Healthcare (Updated)
    I’m not afraid to say while updating this article, my thinking evolved on the importance a pensionable worker should place on their pension subsidized healthcare. It’s no longer the all-important monolith I once thought. The post The Pension Series (Part 6): Valuing Pension Subsidized Healthcare (Updated) appeared first on The... Read more »
  • The Pension Series (Part 29): The Golden Albatross vs. Women’s Pensions
    I realize that the Golden Albatross situation for pensionable women calls for more nuance. I say that because many of the additional factors women need to consider work against each other. The post The Pension Series (Part 29): The Golden Albatross vs. Women’s Pensions appeared first on The Golden Albatross.... Read more »


  • mp3389 | The Language of Business
    In this episode: interpreting financial statements, utilizing financial statements, balance sheet statements, income statements, cash flow statements, and valuing a business for its purpose. Have you even wanted to learn the language of business? Not in a literal sense, by that we mean understanding the ways businesses communicate what their... Read more »
  • mp3388 | The 18-Year-Old Who Actually Listened
    In this episode: college hacking, career hacking, the power of starting early, trade jobs, and salesforce careers. How many times in the past have you been listening to this podcast and thought, "I wish I knew about this when I was younger." Well today's guest Zach actually had the foresight... Read more »
  • mp3387 | How Real Estate Investors Make it Work in High Interest Environments | Coach Carson
    In this episode: real estate investing, the fundamentals of real estate investing, real estate investing variables, interest rates, and private money financing. With today's real estate market is it even possible to get some skin in the game as an investor? While thing's aren't exactly optimal for buyers right now,... Read more »
  • mp3386 | The $100K Glorified Sleepaway Camp | Millionaire Educator
    In this episode: College Hacking, College Credits for less, ACE Courses, CLEP Exams, and The Most Cost Efficient Bachelors Degree A college education may be the most daunting expense members of the FI community have on their horizon. As we all know by now, the cost of modern higher education... Read more »
  • mp3385 | Time Is Your Ultimate Luxury
    In this episode: Time as a Luxury, The Power of F-U Money, The Cost of DIY, Planning, and Decision Making. Even though time is our most precious non-renewable resource, the society we live in tends to take that fact for granted. Is working more to earn more really the most... Read more »

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    The Frugal Vagabond

  • Retire Early in France – Without All The Tax
    We recently declared ourselves Financially Independent, which is definitely a weird and uncertain feeling. We'll likely wait a couple more years to retire early, add to our FIREhouse (ha!) savings, and augment our early retirement travel budget a bit. Even though RE is a still a little ways out, we've... Read more »
  • Getting a Spanish Driver’s License
    Getting a Spanish Driver's License is intimidating. I'll break down each step of the process and help you get on the road with your very own EU license. The post Getting a Spanish Driver’s License appeared first on The Frugal Vagabond.... Read more »
  • Living Abroad: Five Essential Survival Skills
    Living abroad is as alluring as it is polarizing. Five skills that will make your life abroad a success. The post Living Abroad: Five Essential Survival Skills appeared first on The Frugal Vagabond.... Read more »
  • Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa Renewal
    Spain can get under your skin. In the course of living here for the full first year of our non-lucrative visa, we’ve come to love our home, our city, Spanish food and culture, and most of all, the close friends… The post Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa Renewal appeared first on The... Read more »
  • Surgery in Thailand: Bumrungrad International Hospital
    I seek treatment at Bumrungrad International Hospital for a growth in my chest. How did it go? Was it cost effective to travel to Thailand for medical care? The post Surgery in Thailand: Bumrungrad International Hospital appeared first on The Frugal Vagabond.... Read more »

    Financial Samurai

  • Private Real Estate Investing: Seven Takeaways After Five Plus Years
    As someone who has been consistently invested in private real estate deals since late 2016, I’m now firmly in the window for receiving distributions. My investment thesis to invest in heartland real estate has turned out well, partially thanks to the bad luck of the pandemic. Although a couple of... Read more »
  • NewRetirement Updates And New Features: A Great Retirement Planner
    What is the one thing you can do today to ensure better financial decision making, habits, and outcomes? You can build and maintain a holistic financial plan. And one way to do that step-by-step is using the NewRetirement Planner. It’s been over 1.5 years since I did my first review... Read more »
  • Making Money As A Professional Writer Is Hard, Here’s How To Succeed
    The reason why the terms “starving artist” or “starving writer” exist is because they are true. It is very difficult to make money in the arts. However, if you want to be a professional writer and not starve, let me provide you with some insights. For background, I’ve written over... Read more »
  • Overcoming Blindness: Achieving Financial Independence With A Visual Impairment
    One of my goals on Financial Samurai is to share different perspectives. Roughly 15% of the world’s population (1+ billion), lives with some form of disability, of whom 2-4% experience significant difficulties in functioning. This is the minority group I’m most passionate about fighting for in this extremely competitive world.... Read more »
  • Why Pay Off A Negative Real Mortgage Rate When Inflation Is So High
    Paying off a mortgage with a negative real interest rate is a suboptimal financial move. However, that’s exactly what I did in this unusually high inflationary environment. Bad move? Maybe. The mortgage rate was a 30-year fixed at 4.25% and the latest inflation figure was 9.1%. Therefore, it had a... Read more »

    Afford Anything

  • mp3#396: Creating Happiness At Work, with Julie Winkle Giulioni
    International best-selling author and leadership speaker, Julie Winkle Giulioni, talks through a multidimensional career framework that features eight dimensions of career development. She spells out how to apply the dimensions of contribution, competence, connection, confidence, challenge, contentment, choice and climb to different parts of your professional life, whether that’s assessing... Read more »
  • mp3#395: Invest Anywhere: There are THOUSANDS of Cities, Where Do I Invest?!
    Welcome to Invest Anywhere, our monthly series on long-distance real estate investing. Invest Anywhere airs on the First Friday of each month and is co-hosted by Paula Pant and Suni Rao. __________ In this episode, we tackle the challenging decision of how to evaluate a city for rental property investment.... Read more »
  • mp3#394: Ask Paula: Inflation is High! How Much Cash Should You Keep?!
    Bill listened to our episode with Bill Bengen, father of the 4% rule, and he wants to know if there was a way for him to figure out how much money he should be keeping in cash. Heather inherited an IRA but MUST empty it within ten years - but... Read more »
  • mp3#393: Money and Investing Has Changed, with Chuck Jaffe
    Chuck Jaffee, a forty-year veteran financial journalist who regularly writes for the Wall Street Journal and is also a nationally syndicated financial columnist, discusses how money and investors' attitude towards investing has changed over the last few decades.... Read more »
  • mp3#392: Ask Paula: Did the Great Recession Lead to the FIRE Movement?
    Colleen and her husband own SEVEN paid off rental homes. Now they’re heading into retirement and disagree on what to do with some of that equity. Kevin wants to hit FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and believes his motivation comes from witnessing the financial trauma of the Great Recession. He’s... Read more »

    Side Hustle Nation

  • mp3The Backyard Nursery Side Hustle: $10k a Year Selling Plants
    Today I’ve got an awesome story for you — on the one hand, it’s about matching your interests and skills with a hungry market, but maybe more importantly it’s about documenting your work. When you do those two things, like Craig Odem has, you start to see some fun results.... Read more »
  • mp3How a Self-Published Book Turned into a Full-Time Business
    This week’s episode is about self-publishing, which we’ve covered before. But this week’s guests have turned the success of their book into a full-time business that’s still growing in momentum. In late 2020, Justin and Alexis Black self-published their first book Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds... Read more »
  • mp3How to Start a Pressure Washing Business: $3000 a Month Part-Time
    Starting a pressure washing business may be a great seasonal side hustle opportunity. These types of blue collar businesses tend to have low startup costs and you may already have the skills and equipment you need to get started.... Read more »
  • mp3This Teacher’s Side Hustle Brought in $20k in Her First Year
    Megan Champion is a mom of 3, a 15-year elementary education teacher, and in the past year, she’s started a side hustle that has brought in $20,000. Megan’s side hustle is in the parenting niche and has 3 main parts: An Instagram account to drive awareness A podcast called On... Read more »
  • mp3The 6-Figure Side Hustle Cleaning Up Parking Lots
    This week’s guest started his side hustle with the goal of earning an extra $1,000 a month - fast forward four summers later and it’s now a 6-figure business. Blademir Hernandez of LitterFreeLots.nyc is a long-time listener of the Side Hustle Show who was inspired by Brian Winch’s story in... Read more »

    Accidental Fire

  • The Smugness Of Financial Independence
    A few days ago I was on mile 5 of a super early morning run.  I don’t like running at 5:30 in the morning, but summers in the D.C. region often make it the best option.  With a forecast for... The post The Smugness Of Financial Independence appeared first on... Read more »
  • MRR From Royalties Is The Ace Up My FIRE Sleeve
    The more I develop my graphic design business the more I’m convinced that earning money from royalties is a magic trick.  If you’re not familiar with how my business works, I simply create digital graphic designs and upload them to... The post MRR From Royalties Is The Ace Up My... Read more »
  • T.G.I.F. Friday: Volume 74
    Welcome to “Thank God I’m FI” Friday, Volume #74! Here are some things I really like and that you might too.   Financial Independence/Retirement Articles I quit my day job! Here’s what I’m doing next (Freedom 35) – “I have... The post T.G.I.F. Friday: Volume 74 appeared first on Accidental... Read more »
  • If You’re Not Focusing On The Basics You’re Doing It Wrong
    A few weeks back I went on a different Saturday cycling group ride than I normally do and got to meet some new folks.  It was a great ride, not too serious and with some nice roads and hills. I... The post If You’re Not Focusing On The Basics You’re... Read more »
  • Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor’s Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life – Book Review.
    “Daddy, what does it feel like to die?……..   My sweet child, I’m still trying to figure out what it feels like to live.” Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor’s Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life, is... The post Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor’s Advice on Financial... Read more »

    Independently Financed

  • Free and discounted “micromobility” services
    Become a Patron!One of the most bizarre things to emerge from the era of free money were the so-called “micromobility” companies, which have littered the streets and sidewalks of major American cities with their cumbersome scooters and e-bikes. On the one hand, these companies have not and will not ever... Read more »
  • How to think about stockpiling Series I savings bonds
    Become a Patron!A reader whose financial savvy I highly value surprised me the other day by saying that he’d been maximizing his Series I Savings Bond purchases for many years. This surprised me since the “fixed” portion of the semi-annual composite interest rate had hovered between 0% and 0.5% APY... Read more »
  • Preserving your eligibility for paid family and medical leave
    Become a Patron!I’ve covered extensively my experience using the District of Columbia’s paid family and medical leave program to take time off to care for a family member. Since I began that series, the program has been reinforced even further, with the addition of 2 weeks of paid prenatal leave... Read more »
  • Schwab’s forthcoming direct indexing platform might be worth a look for the merely affluent
    Become a Patron!All the way back in 2020 I offered some speculative predictions about the future of so-called “direct indexing.” This is the logical end point of the proposition, promoted by the tax-evasion industry, that by swapping between closely-correlated-but-not-identical securities, those with taxable investments can generate capital losses that can... Read more »
  • If supply and the rate of profit were fixed, then all wage increases would be inflationary (they’re not)
    Become a Patron!The other day I listened to a podcast with Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary and “Just Asking Questions About The Biological Basis Of Female Intelligence” President of Harvard discussing his pessimistic view of the inflationary landscape. Since I’m an inflation skeptic I went into the episode expecting to... Read more »

    Mr Crazy Kicks

  • I’m Going on Shark Tank!
    When I left my job nearly 6 years ago, I didn’t have any concrete plans except to pursue hobbies that I’m passionate about regardless of whether they make any money. A couple of years ago, this simple lifestyle led to … Continue reading → The post I’m Going on Shark... Read more »
  • We Made a New Haircut Tool: The HairFin!
    As a kid, my mom cut my hair with her trusty clippers. In college, I picked up a pair of clippers and learned to cut my own hair. Soon I found myself cutting friends’ hair in the dorms. Clippers made … Continue reading → The post We Made a New... Read more »
  • How Much Can a Greenhouse Extend the Growing Season?
    Last year I designed and built a hoop house for around $650 in materials. I didn’t want to waste money heating the thing, so the plan was to keep it passive. Since I never worked with an unheated greenhouse before, … Continue reading → The post How Much Can a... Read more »
  • Should I Pay Off My Mortgage?
    Having a paid off house has always been a goal. Living mortgage-free sounds awesome, but it can also put the brakes on financial growth. Any money put toward home equity is robbing investment accounts of hard working capital. After years … Continue reading → The post Should I Pay Off... Read more »
  • How to Get Started Hunting Mushrooms
    I love hiking in the woods, racing to the top of a mountain to take in a satisfying view. Lately however, I’m less interested in flying up rocks and roots to see the world from afar. I’ve found an even … Continue reading → The post How to Get Started... Read more »

    The Happy Philosopher

  • How to Prepare for Life After Residency
    Burnout and Finance I was recently asked to speak to a bunch of medical residents about my story of burnout and my general philosophy on finance and life. I declined for a variety of reasons, but upon reflection I realized that this was a topic I had not addressed. This... Read more »
  • A Podcast, Guest Post, and Random Musings
    Hey philosophers, just wanted to let you know about a couple of small projects I participated in recently. I haven’t had much time or motivation to write these last couple of weeks. I have been paying the work price for my two week vacation to Alaska. Flexibility to take a... Read more »
  • Running, Purpose, and Bears (Oh, my!)
    As my feet rhythmically hit the belt of the treadmill, it briefly occurred to me this was perhaps the weirdest time to start my journey back to some sort or reasonable physical fitness. The treadmill was gently rocking side to side and I was looking out at an endless expanse... Read more »
  • Why A Physician Should Work Full-Time
    As an evangelist of part-time work for physicians, I occasionally get an e-mail from a physician reader asking if cutting back on work is the right move for them. Often times they are early in their training, and I’m not sure how to respond. I feel conflicted. I know what... Read more »
  • The Government Doesn’t Want you to Work (Too Much)
    A feeling of dread suddenly came over me. The numbers just didn’t add up, yet I could not figure out where I went wrong. Maybe I typed something in wrong or missed a section, but everything looked more or less complete. Maybe I’m just getting too old for this and... Read more »


    Slowly Sipping Coffee

  • Friends, Fun, and Fowling
    A couple of weekends ago I was able to attend the Econome conference in Cincinnati, and readers, it was the refresh I needed. I wouldn’t have attended this conference had it not been for Military Dollar suggesting I should attend and she was super supportive throughout the process because let... Read more »
  • Embracing Life
    This time last year, I was talking about trying to get on board with the MFLC and figure life out from there. I had some things I was working on and damn if I haven’t gotten any to fruition. It seems frustrating and it can be, but if you remember... Read more »
  • Life Can Be SO “Overwhelming”: How I Tame It
    Now that I’m back to just having a single source of income, my adjunct position, I immediately have a crazy sense of pressure to “get back earning”, and “get a job” or “create a job” or “hit it big with day trading”, as soon as I study up a little... Read more »
  • Do You Take Payment in Soul Currency?
    Last week at some point, Angela from Tread LIghtly Retire Early tweeted about giving time versus money and it reminded me of what I did with my time when I wasn’t working. I found my time that I give is rewarded so much more in “soul currency” than money. If... Read more »
  • What to Do, What to Do?
    With all of this change that’s come about in the past couple of years, I figured I should revisit the “plan” since my retirement and savings got halved. I can’t say there are many complaints, considering how much we’d saved, so my half is a nice chunk of change. I... Read more »

    zen habits

  • On the Shortness of Life
    “You live as if you were destined to live forever, no thought of your frailty ever enters your head, of how much time has already gone by you take no heed. You squander time as if you drew from a full and abundant supply, though all the while that day... Read more »
  • A Guide to Practicing Trust
    By Leo Babauta At the core of a lot of our difficulties is a lack of trust — especially trust in ourselves. Think about these common difficulties that most of us face: What to focus on: We don’t trust our hearts to choose what we’d like to work on right... Read more »
  • Getting to the Heart of Impulse Shopping
    By Leo Babauta It’s a simple fact: the pandemic has increased the amount of impulse shopping most people have been doing. There are lots of stats proving it, but you can simply take a look at your own life and the lives of people you know to see that it’s... Read more »
  • The Balanced Path: An Open Heart Without Taking on Suffering
    By Leo Babauta I’ve had a few emails from readers who ask me how to be compassionate towards other people without taking on all of their suffering. Opening your heart to another person can be emotionally taxing if you are feeling all of their pain. It’s an incredible question, because... Read more »
  • We’re Always Training Something
    By Leo Babauta Every day, we go through a set of actions that is training our minds in the long term. Sometimes we’re training intentionally: we meditate, practice focus, get ourselves to start a workout, resist temptations, etc. Mostly, though, we’re training unintentionally: when you press snooze on the alarm... Read more »

    Financial 180

  • The Cheat Codes of FI
    For those of you following along, you know I've been a bit busy lately. In addition to my own music, podcast, and software projects, I've also been popping up on other people's podcasts. A few weeks back I sang a few bars of Michael Bublé on The FI Show with... Read more »
  • FI Without RE
    Back in November of 2017, a tired, burned out version of myself was pushed past his breaking point. After months of mandatory unpaid overtime, morning self pep-talks, stress-eating, and yelling at coworkers, the old Joel finally had enough. He walked up to his boss, and with a surprising, zen-like calm,... Read more »
  • VideoSo Much Time & So Little To Do!
    Wait a minute. Strike that – reverse it! I know, I know, I haven't updated this blog in months. What gives?! If things get any more sporadic around here I'll be on the Miss Mazuma publishing schedule! 😉 Maybe I should adopt the slogan of Wait, Buy Why and claim that I'll have... Read more »
  • Reaching for the Moon(shot)!
    This week, I'm thrilled to be featured on Coryn Quester's “Discover What's Possible” Podcast! In the interview, we talk about everything from the ‘Why' of FI,  to the most challenging aspects of financial independence for those just starting out. But one of the more interesting questions she posed really got... Read more »
  • Misconceptions of FI
    This past weekend The Wife and I went to see Crazy Rich Asians, and really enjoyed it! (Featured image credit: Entertainment Weekly) Having been on the FIRE journey for a few years now, it was fun taking in all the over-the-top luxury on the screen. Of course, this wasn't the... Read more »


  • Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor’s Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life
    Today I am announcing preorders of my book Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor’s Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a Regret-Free Life. This is a moment of great pride for me as... The post Taking Stock: A Hospice Doctor’s Advice on Financial Independence, Building Wealth, and Living a... Read more »
  • We’re Moving! New Website!
    All new episodes and content can be found at earnandinvest.com. See you there! The post We’re Moving! New Website! appeared first on DiverseFI.... Read more »
  • 128. You Can Destroy Student Loan Debt
    Earn & Invest I am proud to release episode 128 of The Earn & Invest Podcast.  This podcast is an exploration of personal finance, financial independence, and taking the conversation to the next level.... The post 128. You Can Destroy Student Loan Debt appeared first on DiverseFI.... Read more »
  • Video127. Why Now Is The Time To Start Your Business
    Earn & Invest I am proud to release episode 127 of The Earn & Invest Podcast.  This podcast is an exploration of personal finance, financial independence, and taking the conversation to the next level.... The post 127. Why Now Is The Time To Start Your Business appeared first on DiverseFI.... Read more »
  • 126: How To Align Your Passion and Talent
    Earn & Invest I am proud to release episode 126 of The Earn & Invest Podcast.  This podcast is an exploration of personal finance, financial independence, and taking the conversation to the next level.... The post 126: How To Align Your Passion and Talent appeared first on DiverseFI.... Read more »

    Vital Dollar

  • How to Make Money as a Notary Public
    Wondering how to make money as a notary? Here are all the details you need to know about how to become a notary and promote your services. The post How to Make Money as a Notary Public appeared first on Vital Dollar.... Read more »
  • The Best Webull Alternatives (2022)
    Looking for the best Webull alternatives? Here are other apps like Webull that are excellent for low-cost trading of stocks and ETFs. The post The Best Webull Alternatives (2022) appeared first on Vital Dollar.... Read more »
  • How to Invest $10k (2022)
    Wondering how to invest $10k? Here are the best options that will give you a chance to turn that $10,000 into something bigger over the course of time. The post How to Invest $10k (2022) appeared first on Vital Dollar.... Read more »
  • 25 Under the Table Jobs That Pay In Cash
    These under the table jobs and cash paying jobs are ideal if you need to earn cash quickly whether you're working for someone else or offering a service. The post 25 Under the Table Jobs That Pay In Cash appeared first on Vital Dollar.... Read more »
  • 25 Military Side Hustles (for Active Duty)
    These military side hustles allow active duty members of the military to make extra money in their spare time. These side jobs are flexible and work with military life. The post 25 Military Side Hustles (for Active Duty) appeared first on Vital Dollar.... Read more »